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Ok so the people that will be blamed today for out of control youth, knife crime is the missing Father role models, Really,

well this isn’t a new thing and some of the mothers are not much better, some Men have many children from many different women, this isn’t a problem as long as he is Superman and can share his time care and guidance with them all but that is rare so 6-8 children are fatherless,and Then you have women who have 6 -8 kids with different fathers again not a problem if some of them didn’t cut the fathers off from their children everytime a new boyfriend/father came along, To finish some fathers are not worthy of the title Father. There are many single parents, Mums and Dads doing a very good job bringing up their children and are very positive role models,

I think a parent should be allowed to raise their children how they see fit and parents understand parenthood does not have an age limit and you have to take the rough with the smooth. I think we are past Blaming we need to start finding ways to help children and their families,

As for young people, some self-respect, Covers up your shit and stop producing Children that you are not mature enough to care for and dump at the first opportunity.

I have brought up four children, alone fucked up quite a few times but I never stopped trying and I have and still do support and guide them to the best of my ability, as for there father all I will say is when I was young my choices were poor  K.L.Smith.