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Life Struggles feel so much worse when you have to fight them alone, Being a parent and someone saying your not wrong or they are doing same as you can only build your confidence as a parent, I am very proud of myself as the strong women I have become  and I have done my up-most to be a positive Mum.

I taught myself to be a Women, mother how to cook to clean, Read and write Ect because I never had support or Guidance from a very young age, I did what I had to. I have overcome many issues from my past except the feeling of being alone No-one told me how well I’m doing, no show of support with any milestone I was just a reject of their Family, I’m over that I have my own Beautiful family and the Love and support we give each other is unconditional, I am a blessed Lady and I wake up every day with a gratful heart ,so I had a wish that if I could pervent anyone from feeling as I did or just show a Hand of Friendship and Support can only be a good thing .

I love my Blog Please believe I know There is room for improvement But the achievement is so much more

Thank you,images to them very Kind Beautiful People who have continued to support me sending you much love. I will continue with my writing also My Hand of Friendship and Support

My Reason for writing this is  to say, If anyone is struggling with Life Get some Help don’t fight alone If you don’t have to, There are some very good support groups or maybe see your GP  I have lots of numbers /contacts UK based  I would gladly send them on


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