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Seeking others approval or worrying what others thought of me was a big issue for me and it put so much stress and pressure on me, fear of being wrong being careful what I said trying to be as perfect like everyone else, 

So when I started to work on my Healing and recovery it removed the shit out my eye and I started to see people for what they really were, Oh my I got it so wrong these people who I was so concerned about judging me,

Why’s that????

I would never want to be like them, A real friend would have helped, Guided me through my insecurities instead of disrespecting me and my Family. Realising and removing the burden and expectations it was only then I really started to be able to really Heal from Past Abuse and Trauma. 

“What you see is what you get, your free to leave at any time”

At one point I lost all Faith in people In human Kind, But I knew I had to get that back, Caring and kindness for others is a very important part of my life and means a lot to me I will never feel ashamed of this