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Don’t make your life harder,

Except your child is growing up and life as you know, is over for at least a few years, you may have had an easy time with your other child/ children, To be honest, three of my children’s teen years wasn’t too painful, this is where I went wrong, I did this three times the  last child it will be a breeze, so I was comfortable, feeling confident I took my eye off the ball, Wow that ball smacked me right back in the face before I knew my whole household was in mayhem .

Advice that I was given,  Make sure she knows you love her and you will continue to support her obviously I never stopped loving her but there were times I didn’t like her she got me so mad, frustrated and stressed. 

Please familiarize yourself with these words Ungrateful, Selfish and F**king Rude.

Try not to take things to personal you may not get a whole sentence from them for weeks can only be Thankful for small mercy’s  

I still tried to give my daughter advice not that she needed it because she knows everything, be very Honest straightforward Do, not sugar coat the real Risks and Dangers  that is happening on the street  so they can at least try to protect themselves (“I wish I listened to you mum” she says now ) 

The most painful heart-wrenching thing to do Is watch your child walk in the direction that you know is the wrong way, Regardless of what you say or how you try to protect them, Darling, they will continue this route, This is when I had to say If you can not hear then you must Feel  I will always be here for you there is nothing you can’t tell me that we cant figure out together some kids just have to learn the hard way .

I write this in Honour of My amazing special Sons and Daughter who had to live with me at that  Emotional time, I wouldn’t have got through it  without you I am So proud of you all and Love you so very much,images

Also my beautiful nearly adult Daughter we experienced much drama pain and Confusion but we made it out alive lol You taught me a lot about myself on this Journey Baby, I wish you all the love and Happiness in the world Mummy will always be here