Journey update  March/May 2018

My writing is getting much better if I say so much self lol Still learning but I’m enjoying it My writing goal is writing  a first-class article published in a magazine I am not going to put a time limit because I know I have lots of work to do My blog is my greatest achievement Again I know work has to be done to get even a little closer to some of the amazing quality blogs I’m prepared to put the work In. Thank you all the lovely people who have supported me following and liking my post Nough Love to you allcheers


Kellz Tarot ..

I have done some of my best reading ever this month, but the one that means so much to me was for a young man who has the most amazing beautiful kind Soul.     Jay, Seen you grow from a boy to a special, Loyal Gorgeous Man I am honoured and blessed to have you In my Life. I wish you only love happiness and all your dreams to come true with them ones looking over you X

My goal is to build my client list to offer an Honest respectful and compassionate Tarot reading to best of my ability.cropped-shapeimage_2-e15156937076632.png


Life up and down feeling a bit a lost I was doing a lot of work with little return I asked myself shall I give up walk away?  this is what I would if done in the past well I ant that Gal no more, remembers why doing this.

To improve my Life, skills and to have a  happy, positive Life  so I’m back on track why