My open letter,

is to all those in the past who Kicked me while I was down, Judged me, Exposed me  Treated me like a piece shit I would like to Thank you all,

it’s you guys who have got me through the years when I was picking Myself up Not all losses are a Lose I have gained so much.

I am a strong independent woman everything I own is there because I put it there, I raised my  beautiful children without the need to beg any man I have unconditional love and support around me so Nough love to you all Be Happy.

Ps, Be careful you don’t trip up all the mistakes and secrets you made in the past, The ones  you missed while you were watching me, OOOPPPPSSS Sorry did everyone think you were perfect hahahah only messing unlike yourselves To expose, judge and to take pleasure from someone misery,  Na that’s not me positive vibes only, One love x


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