Lesson learned Lessons-Learned-21Untitled document-7

When will I learn that not everyone is like me or have the same intentions?

Why can’t they see what I can?

I am very loyal when is it misplaced? 

When is it ok to say I’ve done all I can?

A Blessingccccc

The most Beautiful butterfly came in the house I said to my son

“That is a blessing, sign or Message” 

He replied “I’ll help it out the window to go on its way”

“Leave it for a bit the window is open” wanting it to stay as long as possible.

“It came for a reason his job is done, It’s not your’s Mum feel blessed it came and then let it go,

That’s the Answerindia-quiz-prelims-with-answers-4-6381

I try my hardest to help and protect others like the butterfly

But they’re not mine I must have more faith in them

Let them go knowing I did all I could with Love Guidance and Compassion