cropped-untitled-document-7-e1526469959689.jpgcropped-real-world_grande.pngI got that wrong,

I don’t think I am alone when I say, Well I hope not lol I have made mistakes and made decision that didn’t work out and at times my choices were poor as a mother, woman, and person.

How I dealt with this in the past was to never show my weakness or fuck-ups to keep your head high and hope no one sees your struggles because you should never show your weakness allowing people to use it against you, this would just put extra pressure on myself from my healing and recovery. I know now that was wrong in so many ways.

To be able to say I made a mistake makes me human, I made them trying to improve my life thinking it was for the best.

A real friend will love you and support you in times of need, not use it against you.


Be very particular about the people you have in your life

I can hold my head up high and say I tried my hardest, nothing can be used against me because I do not seek approval or care what others think of me I have enough unconditional love and support around me that if you have a dislike for me Ok see ya.

What I have written above all starts from Lack of confidence, Self-esteem, Self-love and the inability to Express yourself in a positive confident way.  

For taking the time To read x

Written by K.L.SPM-LOGO