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The importance of  body language for a Job Interview,

Smiling face,  Walking tall Confident, Eye contact,


Looking Smart but comfortable with what you are wearing, If you are unsure about your clothes it can affect your Confidence.


Eye contact shows you are confident with yourself and what you are saying,

No eye contact can come across as you are not being truthful or you’re not confident with what you are saying.


Friendly Greetings

Try not to talk too much I know some people may do this because of nerves I sometimes do My brain is screaming shut up stop talking and my mouth just keeps going,

But just as important is not to talk to little because it could be taken that you’re not very confident in social environments or with people then it may be questioned that you are not very good as a team player or you would find it hard to communicate with customers.



Clean and fresh, using deodorant and a small amount of perfume or aftershave,

B.O is not good at all or scruffy dirty clothes, I know some people would say that you shouldn’t be judged by your clothes or the way you look, but that is what is going to happen to make an effort on your appearance.

For the ladies and gentlemen who wear makeup keep it to a minimum and neutral  including nails

Present yourself as a mature responsible adult giving a good impression    


Aware of personal space

You should not go into their personal zone Arm’s length