When life is a struggle, your confidence, self Esteem is at all time Low, If you can’t fight for yourself, do it for your little Hero’s, I am truly blessed to have my children and loved one who has always supported and loved me as I have then. Strong unbreakable unconditional Unit, team Family.

I love you all Team, I wish you all the love and Happiness in the world Love Mummy Kell’z xxx <3<3<3


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Untitled document (5)

Untitled document (4) .Why didn’t you listen to me,

Because I thought I knew best, I should have known better, I should have left when you begged and pleaded with me Mum, Your always right The many times you said He is going to kill you one day and it’s not right a mother to bury her child, I wished I Listen to you mum. xxx

Love you always from your daughter in heaven