R.I.P Young one’z


My thoughts on the man calling these three young people who died on the train track Scum, Why would you say that? I’m sure these boys Family’s really don’t need to see that. I expressed my love and thoughts to the boys and there family’s Just one of the comment I got  from a very rude man

“they deserve everything they get, Hope the train hurt them when it hit them”  ” They got no-one to blame but themselves”  Vandal Scum,

I am not saying they weren’t wrong for what they were doing and I can’t imagine how the train driver feels but to call them names and say they deserve death this is from adults and they wonder why the children of today have the attitude and lack of respect for human life No parent should have to bury their child My love and thoughts are still with these boys and there family’s regardless to those who said I was wrong.

I felt like I was being bullied because I showed compassion These nasty cruel people have reinforced the fact there are very little love  and compassion in this world 




What I thought about the news, spreading-the-love-with-email-marketing-poster

The news that Flammable Cladding will not be banned just shows the lack of care and compassion the government have for people, families of this County, in My opinion, they have disrespected every person that was affected by the Grenfell Fire also Belittled the Grief of the families who lost their loved ones.

To stand by and watch Dangerous material being used with the knowledge it can cause the same devastating, Heartbreaking Outcome as Grenfell they should be charge with Murder, Sick Evil and Disgraceful.

A government review of building regulations will not recommend an explicit ban on combustible cladding and insulation, despite persistent demands from Grenfell Tower survivors and fire safety expert


Before you read what is written below This is why The Government and Social services Bully poor people or families on low income, because they are Cowards as I’ve said so many times

this was reported by Get West London today

Rich parents neglecting their children are ‘using lawyers and powerful friends to scare off social workers’

Social workers have told of wealthy parents using lawyers, intimidation and powerful connections to shield their families from intervention over cases of neglect.

The study focused on social workers serving 12 local authorities around the UK, excluding the City, to hear their experiences of confronting neglect among affluent families.

Professor Claudia Bernard’s study pointed out that while much research and social work training were focused on links between poverty and child neglect, it was rarely directed at wealthy families.

Previous research has suggested such abuse had gone under-detected, because of a bias in child protection authorities toward scrutinising families of lower socio-economic status

However, emotional neglect among wealthy families could be difficult to determine, Prof Barnard said.

She explained: “People have these deep-set beliefs that this is happening in poor families, dysfunctional families, etcetera. So it doesn’t matter if the situation is staring you in the face.

“The social workers I spoke to were going into these houses, that was so unbelievably affluent, with a fridge as big as a room – stocked with goodies, and having six holidays a year. They have all the material things so it can be difficult to tell the signs of emotional neglect.”However, she said she received an overwhelming response from social workers she interviewed, who were frustrated by the way they were treated.

‘They know people in high places’

While most social workers told of finding children in wealthy families suffering from emotional neglect, they said they also uncovered sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation and emotional abuse.

Often the issues only came to authorities’ attention when parents were dealing with an acrimonious separation and needed a child welfare report, the study said.

Parental mental health and substance abuse problems were also a feature of many of the cases social workers reported.

However, they told of attempts to intervene in wealthier families resulting in blocked access to the child, formal complaints, demands to speak to managers, and threats of legal action.

Multiple study participants even told of local MPs and councillors wading in after complaints from families and sending letters asking about the cases. Prof Bernard said this was particularly an issue in small counties.

One study participant explained: “They’ll get on to their local councillor, someone who they go hunting or shooting with or play golf with, that’s the reality of working in a very small place like this … They know people in high places and they threaten you with people as well.”

The cases

In one case, a social worker described a high social status family from a small county responding to an intervention by gathering personal testimonies from their community to prove what upstanding parents they were.

Another participant told of a little girl disclosing sexual abuse, only to receive complaints from the parents, and be rebuffed by school nurses who said there was no evidence and no way her “great mum” would ignore such abuse.

Social workers told of being left feeling “belittled” and threatened, and feeling as though their involvement was regarded as an unwarranted intrusion.

All social workers involved in the study said they felt that the parents’ socio-economic status gave them a sense of privilege that encouraged them to subject the social work practice to scrutiny in a way less wealthy families could not.

‘Children live without love’

Psychotherapist and “boarding school syndrome” author Professor Joy Schaverien welcomed the research, saying she hoped the findings were noted by other local authorities.

She said her boarding schooled clients experienced early emotional isolation that left lifetime effects on sufferers’ ability to form healthy relationships.

“Children live without love in these situations,” Prof Schaverien said. “It’s very difficult when you’re a child and you’re being told by your parents ‘it’s very good for you, we’re paying a lot of money for you; you had better make the most of it’.”


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I have not written names as  I would not wish to upset or disrespect the families and friends of these Angels that have been taken to soon, without their permission, but I want to continue support and  awareness to the growing violence on our street and to send a message to the Government and the Mayor of London.

your priority should be with finding ways to prevent the Murders that are being committed nearly every single day, and if you cant do this for the respect of your Crumbling Country, Do this out of respect for every single Angel below and their families for their Devastating Loss.

 murders  the Met Police investigating?

  • , stabbed: Lambeth
  • , 20, stabbed: Islington
  •  44, stabbed: Redbridge
  •  49, head injury: Barnet
  • , 34, stabbed: Hackney
  • , 18, post-mortem awaits: Bromley
  • , 25, stabbed: Hammersmith & Fulham
  •  head injury: Redbridge
  • , 26, stabbed: Hackney
  •  39, stabbed: Southwark
  • , 11-weeks-old, post-mortem awaits: Haringey
  • , 25, stabbed: Hammersmith & Fulham
  • 19, stabbed: Barking & Dagenham
  • , 22, stabbed: Haringey
  •  55, stabbed: Camden
  •  19, stabbed: Lambeth
  • , 41, shot: Barnet
  •  54, stabbed: Redbridge
  • , 17, stabbed: Newham
  •  48, multiple injuries: Waltham Forest
  • 19, stabbed: Kensington & Chelsea
  • , 33, blunt force trauma injury to the head and face: Greenwich
  •  26, stabbed: Ealing
  •  20, stabbed: Camden
  • , 17, stabbed: Camden
  •  24, shot: Westminster
  • , 44, stabbed: Southwark
  • , 42, stabbed: Hammersmith & Fulham
  •  47, stabbed: Richmond
  • Two bodies found in Sussex
  •  20, stabbed: Croydon
  • , 19, shot: Haringey
  • , 36, head injury: Lewisham
  •  68, compression of neck: Kingston
  • , 20, shot: Waltham Forest
  • , 18, stabbed: Havering
  •  36, stabbed: Hounslow
  • , 23, stabbed: Enfield
  • , 41, stabbed: Hackney
  •  48, stabbed: Ealing
  •  41, stabbed: Waltham Forest
  •  21, stabbed: Newham
  • 26, shot: Hackney
  • Awaiting formal ID, 59, skull fracture: Barking & Dagenham
  • , 50, stabbed: Wandsworth
  • , 23, stabbed: Greenwich
  •  36, stabbed: Haringey
  • 20, stabbed: Wandsworth
  • , 17, shot: Haringey
  • , 16, shot: Waltham Forest
  • Awaiting formal ID, female, 80, post-mortem awaits: Camden
  • , 37, stabbed: Lewisham
  • 53, post-mortem awaits: Hackney
  • , 18, stabbed: Hackney
  • , 26, stabbed: Colindale
  •  38, stabbed: Brixton
  • 18, stabbed: Forest Gate
  • 32, blunt force trauma to the chest: Morden
  • Awaiting formal ID, 20, stabbed: Finsbury Park
  • Awaiting formal ID, 30s, shot, Queensbury Tube station
  •  17, shot, Kennington


Untitled document-2Friday May 11Related image

Image result for foolLONDON is experiencing a concerning rise in violent crime, with 63 murders in the capital since the start of the year

I was watching the mayor of London on the news Is he Is some sort of C**t?, Talking about fat kids, REALLY, kids are being Stabbed and Shot every day, I’m sure every parent will agree I would rather a fat kid than a dead one, GET A FUCKING GRIP MATE AND GET IN THE REAL WORLD. K.L.Smith


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Problem Page.
Problem Page.


I received this email from a lady who I will obviously be keeping her Details  Private, but she has agreed for me to post this I have replied with my advice but I am very interested in what others think she should do.

To Kellz,

I really need some advice I have been single for a long while reasons being my past relationships haven’t been the greatest, and can do without the Drama’s, in saying that I hadn’t ruled out being in a relationship in the future.I am really attracted to this guy and it has really confused me because I don’t want to be, not because there is anything wrong, he is a lovely guy.  I can’t stop thinking about him Why him? why now? Do you think when I have said I’m happy being on my own I have been lying to myself?

until now I have always thought things in life happen for a reason, you are meant to meet people at that time in your life,

should I just try to get over this guy? or leave it to fate?

Lady ***** I believe has choices and reasons only herself can answer by looking within Herself.

Do you think Lady **** is maybe trying to convince herself that she is happy without a close Sexual relationship because of lack of confidence, fear of rejection or getting it wrong?

  • should Lady**  Avoid this guy and work on her self-confidence and esteem and get to know herself again I know you can’t predict the future but it is good to go into a relationship knowing what you want from this.
  • maybe  Just go with the flow and see what happens Maybe she is right you are meant to meet people at certain times of your life.
  • or playfully Flirt a little without being to obvious show how attracted you are to him and if the chance presents its self, Go have Fun and lots of sexy time.


Before you choose it hasn’t been said if Lady***  thinks the guy knows she is attracted to him or he has shown any sign of mutual attraction.

Written by K.L.S.Lifestylez  26/04/18



So I am going to disagree with my children I am not Stubborn or spoilt, I will say it is strong-willed and determined,

I woke up yesterday morning  and decided I no longer want my Sofa and my thinking If I throw it out this will encourage me to get new ones .

Round 1

I volunteered my Teenage daughter and her friend to help, after a few hours of trying to get it out the door “It’s not going to come out Mum” my reply “if I got it IN then it can come out ” I wasn’t Happy the sofa is going.

Round 2

My Son  and my teen daughter and friends, yes it was a struggle we got it out even if half my door frame and staircase went with it, I didn’t like them either

Son   “I only came to make sure you were ok before I went home Mum I’ve got a cut arm and I’m knackered ”

I love you children and friends Thank you, Teen, Daughter you can come home now I promise no more removal XXX

"Technically I have managed to get that big old sofa out the door..."


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There has been a lot of news about the knife Crime and Sadly how many people have lost their lives, also Much needed Awareness,

As for the Government something should have been done a long time ago, I believe that a Curfew for under 18’s should be put in place but I read that there isn’t enough manpower to control it, Well if something isn’t done soon their won’t be many next-generation men left because they would have killed each other.

The usual Blame game,  it’s the Parents fault so a lot of people think, and lets not forget one comment I read  “You don’t see white people killing each other “That really helps, you Racist $%^Y***(  Its people like you who create a divide in our Community’s, I’m not sure where you come from but it’s not about colour All Children Matter regardless of colour or culture. and I pray that your white folk are not affected by the knife crime and a piece of advice If you have nothing sensible or helpful to say Sit down and rest your mouth, as for it’s all the parents fault, of course, there are useless and abusive parents but if you look you will see that there are hard-working parents struggling because of the system the government has put in place.

So my last word is, A big shout out to the parents who are working hard and doing their best I send much love and strength to carry on,



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Definition of Parental responsibility As a parent, you have the legal and moral obligation to ensure that your child is both looked after and well-behaved. 

Many Articles I have read stated that if your child runs away or keeps the company of poor role model or influences then more often than not they are being abused physically and or emotionally and basically it the parents fault for either abusing their child or having no control over them or have any boundaries,  sadly there are children that are abused by their parents.

If your child wants to leave the house any time day or night, you can not Physically stop or restrain them you can ask them not to go.

your child goes missing/runs away and you find them, they refuse to come home you cannot physically force them only ask them to come home.

If you try to restrain or try to stop  your child from leaving the house or physically force them to come home you can then be arrested for assault on a minor,

You do the responsible thing as a parent and report your child Missing to the police, who inform Child protection, who come to your home and basically say you’re a shit parent and has no boundaries or control, and then to ask your child are you being treated ok at home, Really,  As parent you don’t stand a chance The corrupt Government, the system and the child  kidnappers Social services have set us all up.

I have one Question

I was robbed of my parental rights by the government.

So what are you going to do to stop our children killing each other? You Clearly don’t have any control or boundaries when will you all be going to Jail for Child Neglect?



Just more sadness

The body of a newborn baby found in woods today


This is the heartbreaking moment a Moses basket was taken to the scene where the body of a newborn baby was found in Heywood.

The tragic discovery was made in a field near George Street off Peel Lane in Heywood just after 7am on Wednesday

Reported in the Manchester evening New

I think it is an Automatic reaction to Judge the women who has done this. Well unaware of the circumstances I won’t, make comments, But why leave the presious little Buba out in the cold at least leave them where they will be treated with Love and respect