I am Happily single at the moment not looking to change that unless I could Marry Mister Below, or at least get stranded on an island for a couple of months ūüôā91767245-612x612

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So what feels like about ¬†a 100 years ago I had lots of what I thought was great ideas I knew after years of writing but never sharing any of what I had written, I’m feeling confident, ready to go to the next stage a friend of mine suggested a Blog. If you are looking for short cuts an easy ride, ¬†best you go sit back down get them note pads back out,

I underestimated the blog world by a long shot I’m doing all this work for no return ¬†just couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong at least 3-4 times a day I said, had enough still with my shitty Attitude I blamed everything but myself,

I Started to look at other people’s blogs/pages that brought me back down, To get over yourself Kellz, Wow Amazing the time effort and Quality was clear to see, from then I knew what I was doing wrong If I could not put the same Love Passion and dedication as these other guys are,¬†Go sit back down, I am still learning and trying If I can be half as good as some of the blogs I’ve seen I would be more than Happy.

When I got my first Like and someone followed me ¬†I nearly fell of my chair, I Thank all those who have supported me I am so grateful ¬† I have leant a lot about myself over the last few months that I didn’t or couldn’t see ,¬†522e915ac3303

Take one day at a time,

Attention to details

I did so much all at the same time I felt overwhelmed feeling I was doing so much and achieving nothing,

organised and have a schedule,goodthingshappenwhenthetimeisright

Before Now I was so unorganised I would write pages hours of work never to be found again I now file my work as soon as I  finished In my very tidy folders (I struggled to keep this up for a long while) I take pride and respect  what I write,  so If anyone takes the time to read it hopefully they will see this, To archive my goals I need to be taken serious,

A Schedule, especially if you have a family and a house to run, My washing would back up the kids moaned there was no clothes, the whole house was a nightmare and my children are grown up, just stress.

Take the time to read other blogs and ¬†share the love, one Last thing I am a very straight ¬†forward person but I am not Rude or judgemental, If you see things you don’t agree with If you have nothing nice or positive to say ¬†then say nothing,Good Luck xUntitled document-7


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To Improve yourself you have to look at your Flaws as well as your positive strengths I believe I may be the worlds best Sulker, not too bad at self Pity, ¬†well until I realise no-one is taking any notice and just a ¬†little bit dislike the word¬†No. Moving on quickly,¬†my point is if you have a negative thinking Patten it is very hard to get a positive outcome I may have said a few times over the years Why me? why doesn’t anything go right? mainly because I couldn’t think straight and always believed¬†nothing would work.

Express yourself, let it go¬†and Bin it and start again with a clear positive view on the issue or problem, that’s not easy, I hear you, It has taken me a good while to achieve¬†this ¬†and that’s¬†because I was unsure how to express¬†myself, ¬†so thats when I begain to write it down, this really does ¬†work, because you can be truthful, blunt and even rude, this is never going to be shared, The only problem I had was mine written on paper as I didn’t use the computer so I couldnt just delete them, ¬† If any- one needs somewhere too Bin it I am offering my Email for anyone to let it go and I ¬†will delete it strictly confidencial, ¬†Then you can start to look for ways to help you Improve yourself or a situations you are not happy with.

My love for research and reading, I have gathered so Much information, tips on Law, parenting, sexual health DV many more    so Please feel free to mess me if you need anything there is always a way to solve or at least a way forward God Bless Untitled document-7

Positive Movement


As part of my Healing to let go of the past is to say what I need to then Let it go ..

I feel both Happy and Sad writing this,  but its time I want to be able to have friendships even a relationship without anything to hide behind

Letting it go to be free to move on to a Happy Positive life  xUntitled document-7


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