cropped-untitled-document-7-e1526469959689.jpgcropped-real-world_grande.pngI got that wrong,

I don’t think I am alone when I say, Well I hope not lol I have made mistakes and made decision that didn’t work out and at times my choices were poor as a mother, woman, and person.

How I dealt with this in the past was to never show my weakness or fuck-ups to keep your head high and hope no one sees your struggles because you should never show your weakness allowing people to use it against you, this would just put extra pressure on myself from my healing and recovery. I know now that was wrong in so many ways.

To be able to say I made a mistake makes me human, I made them trying to improve my life thinking it was for the best.

A real friend will love you and support you in times of need, not use it against you.


Be very particular about the people you have in your life

I can hold my head up high and say I tried my hardest, nothing can be used against me because I do not seek approval or care what others think of me I have enough unconditional love and support around me that if you have a dislike for me Ok see ya.

What I have written above all starts from Lack of confidence, Self-esteem, Self-love and the inability to Express yourself in a positive confident way.  

For taking the time To read x

Written by K.L.SPM-LOGO



R.I.P Young one’z


My thoughts on the man calling these three young people who died on the train track Scum, Why would you say that? I’m sure these boys Family’s really don’t need to see that. I expressed my love and thoughts to the boys and there family’s Just one of the comment I got  from a very rude man

“they deserve everything they get, Hope the train hurt them when it hit them”  ” They got no-one to blame but themselves”  Vandal Scum,

I am not saying they weren’t wrong for what they were doing and I can’t imagine how the train driver feels but to call them names and say they deserve death this is from adults and they wonder why the children of today have the attitude and lack of respect for human life No parent should have to bury their child My love and thoughts are still with these boys and there family’s regardless to those who said I was wrong.

I felt like I was being bullied because I showed compassion These nasty cruel people have reinforced the fact there are very little love  and compassion in this world 


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my grandson Haylon planted some flowers yesterday with my help I’m not the best Gardner in the world so I think I may pray as well that something grows lol and cross a few fingers as well I really don’t want my little sunshine to lose interest.


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Seeking others approval or worrying what others thought of me was a big issue for me and it put so much stress and pressure on me, fear of being wrong being careful what I said trying to be as perfect like everyone else, 

So when I started to work on my Healing and recovery it removed the shit out my eye and I started to see people for what they really were, Oh my I got it so wrong these people who I was so concerned about judging me,

Why’s that????

I would never want to be like them, A real friend would have helped, Guided me through my insecurities instead of disrespecting me and my Family. Realising and removing the burden and expectations it was only then I really started to be able to really Heal from Past Abuse and Trauma. 

“What you see is what you get, your free to leave at any time”

At one point I lost all Faith in people In human Kind, But I knew I had to get that back, Caring and kindness for others is a very important part of my life and means a lot to me I will never feel ashamed of this 



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I have had a bit of a shitty week with my Diabetic, My sugar has been playing up and Its made my Mood really quite low, and just a little self-pitying, That’s a lie, I felt very sorry for myself and I really have to accept my Children are not a mind reader,so when I am there with the negative thoughts that nobody cares maybe because they didn’t know. They really are the most loving and caring children and Life could be a lot worse So I will give Thanks for all of my blessings, Love and support 



Part 1 Kids parties when you have 10- 15 kids that need feeding  myself I had to do this Four times a year it can work out very expensive Belief me doing these little things yourself you will save so much and no difference in taste if not better,

Checked the Prices from a known supermarket I Can get 6 Cheese pizza’s for £8 That is not the cheapest ones and even if I have to buy the sausage and cheese £12  saved at Least £ 6-7

2 slices each child and extra for the Cook lol x

8 french sticks £2 Garlic, butter and herbs £3.   2-3 slices each  Saving at least £3-4

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And as for Jamie fucking Oliver its okay for him to judge other parents the way they feed their children because he is in a position to feed his children with the freshest and healthiest of food,
Low-income family’s who are being bullied by the Government are blessed they are able to put a dinner on the table. I don’t know who he thinks he is but until he is paying my bills and feeding my children or has ever experienced Poverty GO AWAY YOU MUG




For many years I allowed you to bully me, Feeling the full force of your Hate, That was because I feared you and for a long time It was easier and safer to say nothing  and be your scapegoat because while you are blaming me your not looking at yourself because you are weak and can’t take responsibility for your own life, Choices and Mistakes.

Hear this I Fear you not you played your last card a long time ago, The cruel words you spoke about, can’t hurt me I have a very supportive Caring Unbreakable bond with the special amazing people in my life they are my priority I do not need or seek anything else.

just to finish off I am not  a vulnerable shy little girl with no confidence anymore I am a Very strong Independent women nothing or no one will bring me down without me Fighting to the very end Do you’re worse Oh shit you already did

his day


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I think it really depends on the age of your children and circumstances,   but Harder as they get older, I am speaking from a women’s point of view but this will apply to the wonderful Daddy’s out there too.

Firstly Everyone is entitled to have relationships/friendships even if you have children I believe that your children must be your priority whatever relationship status you have and their feelings to be considered

From my personal experience, I stayed single for many years because of my past relationships and the effects of Past abuse I know I would never stay in an abusive relationship So I never feared to expose the children to that, to be honest, I was more concerned about myself as I never felt totally confident that I had recovered or had a clear mind thoughts So be sure of the relationship you are in before bringing them home

Age 1-5  is probably the easiest age to introduce someone new and for a partner to build a relationship with your child as they adapt to how you are running your life. Do not under any circumstance Allow your child to call your partner Daddy always correct them even if their biological father has no contact Stepparents can be a great parental Figure eventually Believe me Honest really is best.

Age 5-10 When you are in a new relationship and you all loved up please bear in mind this age  a child will more likely feel pushed out, unloved and unwanted especially if it was just you and them before your new partner came along if this happens you will have a whole load of problems, issue to come with your child as they get older. Take things slowly at first try not to stop thing you and your child do together on a regular basis maybe ask your child if your partner can come one week If they say No DO NOT just bring them anyway. Explain that this is your friend and you hope you all get along so your child understands that you are not asking permission you’re saying what is happening and nothing will change between you. Make sure your new partner Knows that your children are your priority any decent fella will understand that and if they don’t Jog them on x

Age 10 -16 Good luck lol

Now is where the games begin, make sure you don’t change too much at this age children  have a way of making a parent feel very guilty and will use this weakness to get what they want Please don’t tell Fibs, you have given in to your child’s demands for an easy life like myself I’m going to keep this short as long as you are still looking after your children loving and supporting them and you haven’t abandoned them and run off with your new fella always take the childen in to concideration but that doesnt mean your life has to stop.





purple-starsI know sometimes having them talks with your children can be a bit awkward,and it is a parent Instinct to protect their child so we kinda sugar coat issues, The dangers and the risks on the streets today are too high for you not to be  open and honest with your children, you could really put them at risk by not letting them see the real world. This is for all Parent please don’t believe that bad thing only happen to poverty-struck kids from broken home, I know for a fact that is not the case Teach your children especally young girls self-love and confidence so they dont feel the need to seek Attention from people who may not have there best intrest at heart  My daughter looks in the mirrow and feels no way to say “look how beautiful I am mum” because that is what I taught her she does not need to beg love or attention because she has enough right here.

To any young lady’s reading this

Self- respect Self-love self-worth, STRONG, INDEPENDENT, BOSS BITCH

When the guy calls you Beautiful and you’re his baby and then pays for your nails or your hair to be done Be careful you don’t pay dearly for these.

I am not saying everyone will exploit or treat you badly but until you can tell the difference go do some chores for Muma and pay for your own nails.

our children matter


Just more sadness

The body of a newborn baby found in woods today


This is the heartbreaking moment a Moses basket was taken to the scene where the body of a newborn baby was found in Heywood.

The tragic discovery was made in a field near George Street off Peel Lane in Heywood just after 7am on Wednesday

Reported in the Manchester evening New

I think it is an Automatic reaction to Judge the women who has done this. Well unaware of the circumstances I won’t, make comments, But why leave the presious little Buba out in the cold at least leave them where they will be treated with Love and respect