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No one said it was easy 

That feeling you get when you find out you’re pregnant, or when your baby kicks for the first time, the Labour wow that hurts. Then you see your beautiful healthy baby it was all worth it The love you have for this little person. all your dreams come true <3… 

Then as your child gets older, Brothers and Sisters come along and if you’re very lucky all your children stay as angelic as they were when born, I repeat Lucky, and for the unlucky ones, The shit hits the fan and your children turn in to Teenage nightmares. The tears, the self-doubt,  the stress, and the repeated question “Why why, why” and “why me” and you try everything possible to make thing better, to try to understand your child’s mood swings, their hurtful words or as much as you give them they want just that little bit more. How many times have you thought about walking out the door not looking back? or the people who think they know better and have all the idea’s  and they don’t even have  a child, Don’t you just want to poke them in the eye, don’t do this, violence is not the answer  For all the parents that are going through this Trauma, Keep going be strong there is an end to this bleak tunnel, I send you to love, strength and the will to carry on, you are amazing and I am proud of you.

To the parent who believes their job is done when your child reaches a certain age Get in the real world,  Step up and get your child off the street, They are your responsibility as a parent the good and the bad, your job is never done as a parent, Everyone slags of the young people for how they behave, Why do they think it’s not wrong to kill each other or bully, intimidate people, not to have the social skills to treat people with love and respect This starts at home, Teach your child’s Life skills to help them to protect themselves and others Teach them how to grow in to a positive kind adult, If they can’t hear then they must feel If you have tried your hardest then no one can ask for more.

















































































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Self Love

Learning to love yourself is a starting point to improve your life knowing you deserve a happier healthy positive life. 

When you have a very low opinion of yourself, any positive Love, friendships and kindness we block not believing it to be true. In fact, it’s hard to tell what is real and what is not.  

To change your life as you know it where you feel safe and protected is not easy this can be very scary and emotional, we stay in our safe zone even when we are not happy and is a negative environment because we fear the unknown, the truth, failing and getting it wrong, So how will you know if it was the best thing you ever did or you never felt happier, if you don’t make the change. if you are trying to improve your life even if you get it wrong your winning, we learn from our mistakes anything worth having will not come easy, you have to work hard keep trying so when you achieve your goals, dreams you will be grateful and blessed then you can be proud of yourself for making the changes, seeking a positive happy life 

write down what you would like to change 

Set yourself some small achievable goals

Do one positive thing a day,  

This is about your life, your journey, and your future

If your changes make others unhappy or they change towards you, Then make another change remove them from your life, A real friend will Love, encourage and support you unconditionally. 





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Don’t suffer in silence

Depression, anxiety or other mental health illness is nothing to be ashamed of, I never thought I would be able to manage or overcome mental health issues, I tried to cope on my own, one of the main reasons was I felt ashamed or I would be judged and worrying about what others would think of me, Admitting to myself that had a problem and seeking help was a relieve ” It is ok to be Happy again ” I am not saying there are any magic cures or easy fixes but your mental health can be managed, Seek help from your GP, Be honest with friends and family and if you are treated badly or judged for this even without a mental health illness  you should remove negative people from your life.