For the first time in my life


I started writing a long time ago to help to be able to express myself in a positive and confident way and I still do sometimes but I write now because I enjoy it I like writing Articles to share awareness for Children’s, homeless and Domestic Violence Charities

I didn’t really have an Education growing up, I had to leave school because I  was 13 years old Alone and Homeless Going to school was the least of my problems I have overcome past Trauma and Abuse of all kinds Teaching myself how to Heal manage and recover Before this my priority and my joy was being a mum I wanted my children to be strong Independent people who can show love compassion to work hard to achieve their dreams To be able to do things I was never able to , To go Traveling , Drive go to  uni if wanted . I promised My children I would /I do Love, Guide and support them till my very last breath I now have four Amazing Beautiful Caring and kind grown-up children I Beam with pride when I speak of them My eldest son has his own business he and my Beautiful Daughter-in-law have given me my little sunshine my grandson, My other son went to uni and plays rugby very well I can’t watch He also mentors young ones to get into rugby and he has traveled far and wide and my daughters are working very hard I’m not saying it has always been easy I had to do the Teenage nightmare four times ok I have the scars but I got out alive just I do not have a lot in material value but the love and respect I have Inside my house is Priceless which makes my heart Rich What I want to say next I do not wish to come across as rude or ignorant  But there really is only one way to say it and can only hope you see it for what it is, Truth and Honesty

I gave all that I had to be the best mum I could possibly be I’m not perfect and I have made some whooper F**k ups and then put them right I really struggled when the kids started leaving  home and going unI or work I was very upset my Daughter kindly said I was Distraught she is just being Extra lol Ok Borderline Distraught You know it’s bad when you have to search the house for washing to make a full load sad times so I had to tell myself sort your shit out

I Taught myself how to use the computer, I have a blog with followers I wrote and Published a self-help book and do you know why because I can everytime I  was told in the past I would come to nothing and for all the time I was rejected Abandoned I have a lot to learn maybe a few full stops and commas But to have the confidence to write and to post without fear, Doubt if anyone’s judgement  Is a very good feeling I have worked hard for this so I will continue and hopefully One day someone else might even enjoy it.




To anyone that took the time to read this God bless and thank you


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