Domestic violence can happen in any household, rich, poor all cultures, Same-sex straight relationships/ marriages  


The times you thought the children didn’t know what was going on, they did, When I went back several times before I left for good,What example was I setting for my son’s, that this was normal for a man to violently abuse a woman making her feel worthless and degraded, How can I tell them this is wrong I couldn’t. Being in an abusive relationship can strip you of Confidence, esteem and worth Speaking for myself I went into this relationship already abused I was sad Lonely confused and so vulnerable, making it easier for him to control me and to believe the cruel things he said. I was making life-changing choices that affected myself and the children on an unstable mind with serious mental health issues there is a reason why, but not an excuse. For those that are in an abusive relationship, I know your scared and you may feel you have no fight left But its there deep in you Find that last bit be brave and get help, this is not Love,  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU CAN COME BACK FROM THIS TO HAVE DREAMS AND HAPPINESS


For anyone just going into a relationship and they hurt you. Let the first slap be the last Get out and run and don’t look back when they say they will never do it again don’t hang around on the off chance they may not.

To the little weasels who abuse people,  you be brave too and seek help find yourself some dignity and respect for human life because right now you are a weak pathetic coward. 


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