SEPTEMBER 2017calm-down-everyone-ive-got-this

Arguments & Phones/Communication

Stop And think about what triggers the arguments.
Or is it one big disagreement that keeps on going and is never sorted out for us
The rows would start small and quickly escalate when she became rude Looking back now I think I could have been a bit more mature Who is the Adult here?When things are getting heated ” Say you didn’t want to talk to them right know we can talk again when we have both calmed down”

If they not as talkative as they normally are don’t push for answer but keep a  eye on this try again later or in a few days
Make it a rule in the House that you want to know where there going and who they going with

from the age of 13 thing started to go wrong with my daughter But last Two years I struggle to find words that are not swearing *&%^$$%>?@:@@
In all Honesty When brought her a i phone It was like she stopped being able to communicate.

I Would Try and talk to her just get Mumbling as a reply, On a serious note I think I gave her too much freedom to the outside world
Be very careful about what they are allowed to view on the internet, Set the rules and the boundaries  I  completely trusted my daughter I should have paid more attention I told her what I thought was OK  to View she had always been a good girl I checked but not as much as I should and  Things change very Quickly.


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