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It has a been difficult few weeks with life stuff Bills stupid people who have no customer service skills and I did feel frustrated and pissed but I didn’t get to stress out and I quite like how confident that I have become.In the past, I would get confused about what was real or not from over thinking and over analyzing I am Improving all the time and I have noticed things about some people  are not very nice I feel a bit sad really that what I am seeing now was what I saw in the past but I had no faith or trust fear of being wrong and judged How did I put up with these people who have such negative and selfish attitude I removed myself from their  company and need to make sure I am aware of what and who is around me O no longer have to allow people to disrespect it take advantage because I am stronger wiser and Grateful for all the real  love and support that is given to me Unconditional

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