The last few weeks have been let’s say challenging, I will admit after the second, third row with my beautiful selfish spoilt young people in my house,I was struggling to  remember that I was the adult, You know the saying give an inch and they take a mile, not in this house these two take the whole of west London, Whatever you give they always want that bit more, So took hold and expressed my feeling, thoughts, of their actions, I am happy to say we all apologized  and we are all friend again, If I really have to take any responsibility Then I have to remember my daughter is not a little girl anymore and to respect and support her new journey in life, I can do that, as long as her journey is not too far away from home. To any parent who may be suffering due to  the fact you have a teenagers, Firstly My heart goes out to you all,  Stay strong, All families row and I believe this is healthy, you may not like what your child is saying but you are showing them what they have to say is important and they are free to express themselves without fear of judgment. images



This is truly heartbreaking as there is no reason or justification This little man has lost his life because of the stupid-ness that is going on in our streets Kids killing each other well I hope whoever lite this fire it haunts you for the rest of your life Shame on you R.I.P Young one the Angels will take care you,  My love and thought are with you and your family God Bless x 3b67f496db9f93e7249b2281a6603891



My last born..

Well I made it, My last born has just celebrated her 18th Birthday Being a mum never ends but I now have four adult children I have been a mother for 28 years and I have much amazing fun, proud and happy memories of the children growing up but I would be lying to say it has been easy and without troubles even heartbreak, I am sharing this for all the parents who may be in the toilet crying or pulling out there last hair Stay strong, Keep trying Believe me its worth it in the end


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my grandson Haylon planted some flowers yesterday with my help I’m not the best Gardner in the world so I think I may pray as well that something grows lol and cross a few fingers as well I really don’t want my little sunshine to lose interest.


Lesson learned Lessons-Learned-21Untitled document-7

When will I learn that not everyone is like me or have the same intentions?

Why can’t they see what I can?

I am very loyal when is it misplaced? 

When is it ok to say I’ve done all I can?

A Blessingccccc

The most Beautiful butterfly came in the house I said to my son

“That is a blessing, sign or Message” 

He replied “I’ll help it out the window to go on its way”

“Leave it for a bit the window is open” wanting it to stay as long as possible.

“It came for a reason his job is done, It’s not your’s Mum feel blessed it came and then let it go,

That’s the Answerindia-quiz-prelims-with-answers-4-6381

I try my hardest to help and protect others like the butterfly

But they’re not mine I must have more faith in them

Let them go knowing I did all I could with Love Guidance and Compassion