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Can be an issue and a set back In your life From eating too much,  not enough or being on a diet, If you have Low self Confidence, esteem and not happy with your body image without a Positive mind thoughts, it can be very hard to improve yourself and move on to a Happier Lifestyle.

If I’m completely honest If I hadn’t got unwell, I may still be lying to myself that I’m happy, as I was, Losing weight, can be so hard and soul destroying, Believe me, I tried everything, In the end, I lost weight from eating three meals a day, nothing in between and exercising, No not at the Gym, My son suggested to go swimming  My reply was “when I’ve lost my weight” lol

So I walked the dog, I swept the floors instead of Hoovering, running up and down the stairs, Put the music on Having a little boogie If you enjoy  a glass of wine save it to the weekend, I feel so much better in myself having more energy  and Motivation

Always eat breakfast even if it a smoothie And drink Lots Water.

Eating well and exercising is Taking care of yourself, even if your weight  is not an issue it is very important not to Disrespect your body and your Health

Healthy Body= Healthy Mind LOVEUntitled document-7



What I thought about the news, spreading-the-love-with-email-marketing-poster

The news that Flammable Cladding will not be banned just shows the lack of care and compassion the government have for people, families of this County, in My opinion, they have disrespected every person that was affected by the Grenfell Fire also Belittled the Grief of the families who lost their loved ones.

To stand by and watch Dangerous material being used with the knowledge it can cause the same devastating, Heartbreaking Outcome as Grenfell they should be charge with Murder, Sick Evil and Disgraceful.

A government review of building regulations will not recommend an explicit ban on combustible cladding and insulation, despite persistent demands from Grenfell Tower survivors and fire safety expert