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A person who takes advantage of your low self-esteem and confidence and build their self up from it, and Take advantage of your kindness and weakness taking pleasure from this while they do it. are not strong people They are cheats, Weak and lazy and their self-esteem and confidence are probably lower than your own,

A strong confident person would nurture the kindness and love you other and would offer a hand of friendship Guidance Love and support to help you heal and grow.

Never would they kick you while you were down and make you feel worthless, They have achieved nothing by cheating and draining the shit out of you.

A real friendship is a joint venture Give and take, truthful and honest and whatever is given its with real love and intention.real-world_grande

Keep your standards high for the company you keep, They can only treat you badly if you allow it  and you are too beautiful for any less.






My last born..

Well I made it, My last born has just celebrated her 18th Birthday Being a mum never ends but I now have four adult children I have been a mother for 28 years and I have much amazing fun, proud and happy memories of the children growing up but I would be lying to say it has been easy and without troubles even heartbreak, I am sharing this for all the parents who may be in the toilet crying or pulling out there last hair Stay strong, Keep trying Believe me its worth it in the end