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Depression.                 _ front page

Decreased energy


Diminished activity


Loss of interest.


Physical changes

Unexplained achy, pains

increase/decrease appetite

Psychomotor agitation

Emotional pain.                 

Prolong sadness


Feeling of worthless

Loss Of self-esteem



Thoughts of death,

Suicidal thought,

Feeling detached.






I am very aware that some people of all ages are just not nice and their hearts are full of hate, and you will never be able to understand how someone can take so much pleasure from others misfortune. but if you flip this there is man, women and child suffering, struggling with life, poverty, being abused in every way, Mental health Issues they do this in silence, you would never know to look at them some of their actions and  attitude makes them look disrespectful colds and heartless, I have had the pleasure of meeting some beautiful young people, Life has dealt them some raw Life cards. I try to help where I can, from my experience These young ones want someone  to listen to them believe what they are saying, 

The advice I give is that even tho they might not deserve to have such a hard life Never think the world owes you and there is no easy way or a free ride because if that’s what they are waiting for Good luck with that,¬† If you behave like a d**k you get treated like one, What do whinny little bitches who stamp their feet absolutely F**K all not on my watch.¬† The responce they get from people would be so much more positive if they changed thier attitude and show . some respect, A few occasions I have taken myself of groups after some of the comments that have been made about the youth of today, I would never justify any violent, criminal activity that is sadly happening every day if we were to inflict the violence and Hate that these grown adults were suggesting that makes them no better, I am not going to repeat the cruel disgusting comments, I will not highlight or publish their filth, what I will say is if they are parent themselves I would be very worried about the children welfare Mentally and physically,. they should be visited by the child protection team one of the groups A vile women told me I am a nutter and I’m wired because I didn’t agree with their nasty cruel Comments, this women’s profile picture was of a beautiful baby well if you are a mother Shame on youdownload


I completely understand why people would be angry and upset My heart goes out to the parents and family of these young people that have lost their life, I’m not here to say anyone should help but maybe not to judge on the first appearance this person could have suffered in many ways or have serious Mental health issues.cropped-sign-e1520816343539.jpg


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I am really pleased with my site, my confidence keeps growing and have learned so much. just shows your never to old to learn, So I’m going to attempt to make some improvement, My goal is to continue to learn and improve my skills so here goes lol I’ll be back at some stage I won’t say when too much pressure¬†¬†imagesi nooooo