To my special “Mr”     downloadloce takewn

You was my only love that is probably the only thing I am sure of. for many years I really missed you  I still love you and I always will and I thank for when you looked after me way back them you was the only one.. But the Promise is now void maybe will meet in another life  I have so many fond funny memory I still remember the song we danced together for the first time I was thinking the other day if the years has been good to you  I am on a journey to improve my life and move  on  from past tense I am sorry to say you have got to go lol So my special “Mr” You was my best ever friend,Lover and memory’s and yes you have to leave my mind but you will stay in my heart for ever I hope what ever you are doing I hope you are happy and sharing your life with someone special keep smiling baby.cxxxxx