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Helping you to Help yourself.

I am a mum of four grown up children age from 17-28 years old two with special needs  It hasn’t been easy to find myself again from being mum for so long I felt very insecure for a while I knew things were bad when I’m almost begging the kids for some dirty washing I have been in Healing and recovery from Trauma and past Abuse One of my problems was leaving the house alone, the doctor said he could refer me for self-help groups I did not accept because i didn’t feel confident enough so from my love of books and researching I helped myself learning ways to manage and prevent Panic ,attacks anxiety and low moods Changing Negative thoughts to positive one s.


A Lot of our problems start from having low self Confidence ,Esteem and worth that can lead onto other Issues that can seriously affect your’s and your family life





Express yourself in a positive confident way

Negative thoughts


A Friendly confidential service to help you,

To find ways to make positive changes.

Setting goals , building Confidence and Self Esteem.

And to Motivate you to keep fighting to achieve your goals.

Everyone’s problems, issues are different but they are all as Important I believe we are all entitled to have a happy Healthy Life to be Confident and strong enough to block Negative and Toxic People and thoughts into our lives .